How You Can Change Cleaning Habits In Your Home

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All of us desire a spick and span home. However, most people don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning! As a company offering house cleaning services in Wilmington, we often come across questions – how do we change cleaning habits at home? It’s easy if you follow a few essential cleaning habits. Here is what can help you transform your cleaning habits at home.

Prioritize Cleaning Activities       

The first change you need to make is to prioritize cleaning activities. Not all cleaning activities at home require the same effort. Start by making a list of the cleaning activities and prioritize them. It should be based on your lifestyle, needs and the time you can dedicate to cleaning. For example, your kitchen will require attention if you love experimenting with your culinary skills. The same isn’t true for people who eat out frequently or order food.

Wipe Surfaces Regularly              

Wipe surfaces regularly and make this a part of your daily routine. Make a weekly or fortnightly wiping schedule where you periodically touch upon the different surfaces in your home. Wiping surfaces regularly with a soft cloth prevents dust, oils, and moisture from settling down and prevents grime build-up, thus keeping your surfaces spotless. It can work wonders; once you start practicing these habits, you’ll notice the difference.

Take a 6-Month Decluttering Challenge 

It would help if you took a 6-month decluttering challenge. The rule is if you haven’t used something for six months you aren’t likely to use them again and it would be wise to sell things or donate to a charity. The less of junk you have at home, the more you will be able to keep it clean. You can take up the decluttering exercise more frequently if you like.

Make It A Team Effort   

Being in the business of house cleaning in Wilmington, we know that keeping a home tidy can’t be a single person’s job. It needs a complete team effort where everyone takes ownership of cleaning. Assign roles to everyone in the family (children included) and ensure everyone follows them. It can be as simple as tackling the laundry or wiping the desk.

Clean As You Go              

It is the last but the most important change you must make. Putting things in place, wiping surfaces after use, and decluttering regularly is the best way to keep your home clean. It doesn’t need much effort and helps you enjoy a clean and tidy home.

When you keep these things in mind, you can change your cleaning habits at home. As a company in the house and commercial cleaning business in Wilmington, we know it isn’t easy. However, the feeling of living in a tidy space that fills you with positivity is gratifying. Not all cleaning is easy, and there are times when you need a professional team for house cleaning services in Wilmington. We are ready and shall help you reimagine the beauty of your home.

At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we are the most trusted name for house and commercial cleaning services in Wilmington. We have built trust with the community for our professional services and competitive rates. Call us now to clear the clutter in your home.

Summary: In this write-up, we share essential tips that will let you change your cleaning habits at home. For house and commercial cleaning services in Wilmington, call us today.  

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