How You Can Change Cleaning Habits in the Office

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No two offices are the same. As a trusted company for commercial cleaning in Hockessin, DE we can state this with some authority. Some of the workplaces that we are called up to clean are in total mess, while others are bliss to clean. Depending on the cleaning habits that offices follow, it can be challenging to clean dirty and cluttered offices.

While you and your team members may care little about the complexity of a commercial cleaning project, you should try and keep your office spick and span. Why? Well, it promotes productivity, portrays a professional image when a client comes knocking, and most importantly makes you feel good.

Tips to Change Cleaning Habits in the Office:

Clean Regularly – The best way to change your cleaning habits is to clean regularly. Set a schedule for cleaning in the office where every corner is touched upon regularly. Follow this even after you have hired a professional team for commercial cleaning in Bear, DE. This will reduce the amount of dirt and clutter at your office.

Lead by Example – Leadership comes with responsibility. If you wish to change cleaning habits at your office, be the change. Lead by example and this will inspire others in your team. If you don’t want people to eat at their desks, never do it yourself.  As they say, communicate by your actions and not words.

Ownership of Cleaning – Every individual and team should take ownership of cleaning. The real estate that an individual or team occupies in the office should fall under their area of responsibility. Strictly enforce this throughout the office. This reduces the burden on janitorial service providers and allows them to focus more on the common areas.

Set Clear Rules – You must set clear rules for cleanliness.  If you want food and snacks to be served only in the designated eating area, make sure everyone knows that. The same goes for the common areas, toilets, and eating areas of the office. Nobody should be allowed to break rules.

Encourage Good Habits – You reward employees for their performance, and you can do the same for contributing to the overall cleanliness. Have an award for people who follow cleanliness in the office. This will create a competitive environment in the office which benefits everyone.

Digital-first Approach – Do you need to have a paper trail? Paper and printed items create maximum clutter in any office. Cut down on that with a digital-first approach. Print only when it is necessary. Along with cleanliness, you will also save hundreds of dollars every year on paper and printing supplies. 

Keep these tips in mind and you can change the cleaning habits in your office. It is a great feeling to work in an uncluttered office. It reverberates a positive feeling all around. However, if you are looking to clean a dirty office that is beyond your daily cleaning regime, you need to hire an expert team. We at JRW Cleaning Solutions offer commercial cleaning in Bear, DE, and nearby areas. Call us for a free consultation and we shall work our magic.

Summary: In this write-up, we share important tips that helps in changing cleaning habits at your office. These help you in creating a positive work environment that boosts productivity.  

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