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Keep your home looking spotless every day of the week with JRW Cleaning Solutions’ House Cleaning In Wilmington DE. From light weekly cleaning to one-time deep cleaning, our cleaning experts leave your home looking fresh and clean while saving you time and headaches. At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we understand our customers live busy, hectic lives. Our cleaning pros are prepared to handle any mess, big or small. We service homes, condos, apartments, and more of any size. When you choose our professional team, you’ll never be disappointed with the results as we always go above and beyond our customer’s expectations, leaving every surface around your home spotless. Get a fast quote today to take the first step towards a cleaner and happier home!

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Our expert house cleaners are here to help you with your individual needs, no matter what. Our professional team can tackle it all whether you need an occasional deep clean or weekly cleaning.

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Why Choose JRW's House Cleaning In Wilmington DE

Finding the time to clean your home can be difficult for busy families and working parents. Children and pets seem to always leave messes that are hard to stay on top of. At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we understand our customers’ frustrations and difficulties in keeping their homes clean with everything else in life going on. We’ve designed our services for House Cleaning In Wilmington DE, to match the unique needs of both families and singles. Need a one-time clean before a party or gathering you’re hosting? Trust us to leave your home spotless. Need a deep cleaning before the summer? Whatever your residential cleaning needs are, our professional cleaning services will take the stress away!

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Our House Cleaning In Wilmington DE Services

Keeping Your Space Bright & CLean

One-time clean

We offer one-time cleaning services for specific rooms or your entire home. One-time cleanings are helpful before parties, events, or if you’re overwhelmed with life and don’t have the time.


Set your own recurring cleaning schedule based on your cleaning preferences. Depending on your children, pets, and time spent in the home, we offer flexible options to match your specific desires.

deep cleaning

It may be time for a deep cleaning service if you've neglected regular cleaning. Our expert house cleaners pay attention to every detail and will go above and beyond to restore your home.

House Cleaning In Wilmington DE FAQs

If preferred, our cleaning staff will utilize the cleaning equipment you have in your home. In addition, our team comes prepared with professional-grade equipment and cleaners to get an effective cleaning job done every time. When you request a quote, our staff can help sort through specific details about your individual house cleaning needs.

House Cleaning In Wilmington DE can range from infrequent to very frequent sessions. No two homes or homeowners will have the same cleaning preferences or needs. How often you desire house cleaning is entirely up to you!

Some factors may necessitate more frequent cleanings. For example, young children, several pets, or working from home may make your house dirty quicker. The number of people who live in a home and a home’s size will also impact the frequency of cleaning needed.

Our House Cleaning service does not include laundry services. Our cleaning services focus on cleaning surfaces throughout your home. Whether you have a specific room or entire home that needs heavy cleaning, we can help. We recommend checking with a specialized laundry service if you’re interested in laundry services.

Just like the frequency of cleaning, the length of cleaning will vary. It depends on the current state of your home and when the last cleaning was done. Contact us now for your free quote, and we will be more than happy to help give you an estimated timeframe for your project.

JRW Cleaning Solutions aims to send the same crew to your home each time to provide continuity of services. However, we cannot guarantee this will occur during every cleaning session. Should we have staffing changes, vacations, illnesses, or other unforeseen events, we will need to change your cleaning crew to another qualified technician.

JRW Cleaning Solutions does not require homeowners to be home while we clean. Many working professionals aren’t able to be home throughout the cleaning process. Whether or not you are home during cleaning services is dependent on your schedule and personal preferences, and we can work with whatever suits you best.

**Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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