Difference Between End of Lease Commercial Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

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Are you due for an End Of Lease Cleaning? You may already have started planning for the same. As a tenant, it is part of your contract and obligatory when you have to vacate the commercial property. It involves getting the property back to its original condition before you hand it over to the tenant.

As a company offering commercial cleaning in Bear, DE, we know that some clients often mistake it for regular maintenance. They are as different as apples and oranges, and here we look at what makes End of Lease commercial cleaning different from regular maintenance.

# End Of Lease Cleaning Is Heavy Duty  

As a company specializing in commercial cleaning in Elsmere, DE, we know one of the significant distinctions is the scale of the job. End of Lease Cleaning is a heavy-duty task and requires professional expertise. It involves using state-of-the-art equipment beyond the scope of regular maintenance, where you’d see the use of mops, dusters, and regular vacuum cleaners. When we undertake this kind of cleaning, we use heavy-duty vacuums, polishers, burnishers, floor sanders, etc., and bring the property back to its pristine state.

# End Of Lease Focus On Neglected Areas           

Some areas in your office or retail store stay ignored during regular maintenance. These areas may be out of sight for your customers or clients, so you can skip them to reduce the cost of the cleaning project. In the case of End of the Lease cleaning, a company specializing in commercial cleaning in Chichester, PA, focuses on the most neglected area of the property. The target is to free the property of all the dirt and grime left behind after regular maintenance, especially in neglected areas.

# End Of Lease Cleaning Is Must To Get Your Deposit     

Recall the time when you took the tenancy of the property from the landlord. You may have been handed a detailed list of the property’s condition. Your End Of Lease clause makes it mandatory for you to leave the property in the same state. Without this, your landlord is not obligated to refund your security deposit. As a company engaged in commercial cleaning in Elsmere, DE, we follow the same checklist while carrying out an End Of Lease cleaning.

# End Of Lease Cleaning Is Expensive     

End Of Lease cleaning is mandatory, and hence you can’t leave any damage or cleaning task for a later day as can be done in case of regular maintenance. Hence, it is more expensive than regular commercial cleaning. The job involves the use of specialized equipment, which cannot be supplemented and hence these jobs cost more.

At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we are a trusted name for commercial cleaning in Hockessin, DE, and several other areas of Delaware and Pennsylvania. We offer End of Lease Cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. Our workers are courteous, and we provide services at competitive rates. Call us today to schedule your End of Lease Cleaning or other residential and commercial cleanings.

Summary: In this write-up, we look at the difference between End of Lease Cleaning and regular maintenance. For Commercial Cleaning in Elsmere, DE call us today.  

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