Debunking Stereotypes About Being a Cleaner

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Stereotypes exist and that’s a reality we all live with. We believe in hearsays and take them to be the truth. Cleaning services and cleaners have many stereotypes that we must live with, or should we? At JRW Cleaning Solutions we like debunking these stereotypes. As the best cleaning company in Wilmington, our team takes pride in the work we do and the trust we have earned from the community. For those who believe in stereotypes about being a cleaner.

It’s a Poorly Paid Job

Yes, we aren’t paid as well as space scientists are, but we do make both ends meet! Jokes apart top cleaning companies in Wilmington like ours and those in rest of United States pay employees fairly. The wages are higher than the minimum wages that people that may people feel we work for. It is higher than some of the more glamorous jobs you see around. So, if you are looking for a career in this trade, you aren’t reckless. 

Cleaners Lack Social Status       

This isn’t completely incorrect, but we don’t come across this when serving our clients or finding our friends and families disowning us. Unless you meet someone with a 17th or 18th-century aristocracy mindset, it is fine to be a cleaner in today’s world. Every team member takes pride in being part of our Wilmington cleaning company. All of us have normal families and societal lives! 

Exposure To Health Problems

Yes, a century back taking up a cleaning job did increase health risks. Not anymore, as a professional cleaning service in Wilmington, we ensure every team member is equipped with the best safety gear and protective equipment. We use the latest technology to accomplish jobs and exposure to hazardous waste is minimal at most. 

Cleaners Steal Precious Items   

Top cleaning companies in Wilmington often get asked questions about the background of their team. However, this is mostly due to the perception about cleaners being dishonest people who steal precious items from people’s homes. This is laughable as cleaning companies have precious items removed before executing the project. 

When It Breaks, Clients Pay to Fix It      

If you trust the Internet, cleaners damage marble floors and break the countertop. Clients need to pay these bills or run after their insurers. This can happen when you hire a fly-by-the-night cleaning company. To debunk this myth, you can relax when you hire a professional Wilmington cleaning company. They are bonded and insured, and your damages (if any) are covered by their insurers. 

Cleaners Charge Arbitrarily       

This is again a myth that many people take as truth. We have a method for pricing our services based on the complexity, time required to complete the job, accessibility, and several other factors. Hence, we aren’t in the business of robbing customers by offering the best value for money on every project we take up.   

We hope we have debunked some of the stereotypes that people have about cleaners. At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we have always prided ourselves in offering professional cleaning services in Wilmington. Call us to book an appointment and let us get rid of all the mess in your homes. 

Summary: In this write-up, we debunk some of the stereotypes that people have about cleaners. Know what you shouldn’t believe when hiring the best cleaning company in Wilmington. 



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