Coffee Maker Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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Coffee Maker Cleaning

Are you cleaning your coffee maker the right way? Wish to keep your coffee maker in sparkling condition? We are about to answer all your questions.

Your coffee maker may not be as clean as it ought to be. At JRW Cleaning Solutions, we offer commercial cleaning services and house cleaning services in Wilmington. However, clients often put us in a tight spot by asking for cleaning and maintenance tips for their small home appliances!

Unsurprisingly, most of these questions are around the humble coffee makers. It is a sacred appliance for most people that lets you make a perfect start to the day and reenergizes thereafter with constant mugs of coffee. Hence, we thought of coming up with this blog on coffee maker cleaning and maintenance tips. Here are a few tips to keep your coffee maker clean and brew fresh and fragrant coffee every day.

# Clean Removable Parts with Dish Soap            
To get rid of the coffee grinds and oils on your coffee maker, clean all the removable parts with dish soap. You can handwash it or use the dishwasher as these parts and usually dishwasher safe. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual before putting them into the dishwasher. Do it every time you use the coffee maker or once every few days.

# Descale With Vinegar & Water             
You may notice a buildup of coffee residue and mineral deposits on your coffee maker. It not only appears unhygienic but can affect the taste of your coffee. If you don’t descale it can affect the drip operation in your coffee maker. You should descale it once every month.

Fill up the reservoir with vinegar and water in equal parts. Place a paper filter into the machine’s empty basket and turn it on for a few minutes and then switch it off. Let it rest for an hour before you turn on the brew cycle again. Discard the mixture through the carafe to empty the reservoir and rinse it with water. Fill it again with water and brew the pot to remove any residue. You are done for a month.

# Scrub The Exterior Lightly       
A coffee maker is a star in your kitchen, and you must make the exterior sparkle. Use a dish soap solution and scrub the exterior gently using a soft cloth. Avoid applying force as it may damage the exterior. If there is a heavy buildup of grease or other debris use a soft toothbrush to get rid of them. Finish it by rinsing off the soap with a clean cloth dipped in water. Repeat this every month or depending on your need.

That’s a wrap and we hope you would follow these tips and keep your coffee maker in pristine shape and enjoy your coffee. While you can clean your coffee maker by yourself, if you need home or commercial cleaning services in Wilmington, you need to hire experts. At JRW Cleaning Solutions we are a trusted name for house and commercial cleaning services in Wilmington, DE. Call us for a free consultation today.


Summary: In this write-up, we discuss basic tips for cleaning and maintaining a coffee maker that not only increases the life of this machine but promises fresh and fragrant coffee each time.   

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