5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have Disinfectant Wipes Ready

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Do you have disinfectant wipes ready at your homes and workplaces? If not, it is time to stock up on this essential supply. At JRW Cleaning Solutions we take pride in being rated as the best cleaning company in Wilmington. Naturally, we are obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene and share our experiences and knowledge with others.

Why do we suggest you always have disinfectant wipes ready? They protect you and your loved ones from illnesses and life-threatening conditions. Whether you are at your home, office, or on a vacation these wipes should also be within your reach Here are five reasons why you should always have disinfectant wipes ready.

1.      Covid Refuses to Bid Adieu!       
We are hopefully past the worst. We aren’t locked up in our homes or looking at death figures everywhere, but the global pandemic is far from over. As Covid-19 refuses to walk away from our lives, we all have had to make changes in our lifestyle and basic hygiene regime. Since we must live with the virus, we need to take precautionary measures in our homes and workplaces. These wipes are handy as they kill the virus on the surface and offer peace of mind. 

2.      Great for Regular Disinfection

As one of the most trusted names for professional cleaning services in Wilmington, we sanitize properties with the best supplies. However, it is equally important for you to follow up on our services with a regular cleaning regime to prevent germs and microorganisms from colonizing. Disinfectant wipes are handy and extremely easy for you. Having them at homes and offices lets you keep all surfaces free of germs. 

3.      Improves Janitorial Productivity              
If you have hired janitorial services, these wipes would help in increasing the productivity of your janitorial staff. Disinfecting surfaces is one of the most important tasks these people perform, and these wipes are best for cleaning and disinfection. Wipes can save several hours of extra work annually that goes into the more traditional disinfection activities such as diluting chemical cleaners and using cloth wipes. 

4.      Prevents Cross Contamination  
Ask any Wilmington cleaning company about their biggest fear while disinfecting properties and they would tell you cross-contamination. This can be disastrous for healthcare facilities. Disinfectant wipes are single-use products and hence they would be disposed of after cleaning an area of the home or other facility. Thus, they prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

5.      Environment Friendly   
Cleaning should be an environment-friendly exercise and as a top-rated Wilmington cleaning company, we always use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. While disinfectant wipes in the past had earned criticism for having plastic fibers, today’s wipes are eco-friendly, and they can be disposed of without harming the environment.

That’s a wrap and we hope we have given you good reasons to have these wipes. If you are interested in more such content do read our blog and for bespoke residential and commercial cleaning, get in touch with our team. We are among the top cleaning companies in Wilmington and have earned the trust of the community with professional services and competitive pricing.

Summary: In this write-up, we look at five solid reasons you should always have disinfectant wipes ready. Know how they can keep you and your loved ones at bay from illness and infections.   

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